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This type of sourcing occurs in areas of the world that can best sustain plants for essential oils and, most importantly, can help elevate communities out of poverty and desperate need. Thanks to the relationships that have been developed in these Co-Impact Sourcing locations, the doTerra Healing Hands Foundation has been able to establish Co-Impact Sourcing projects that benefit the hard-working community members in these areas.


Bulgaria Lavender and Melissa Project


In the area where doTerra sources Lavender and Melissa essential oils, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation has partnered with Esseterre Bulgaria to support the Social Teahouse. The Social Teahouse is a Bulgarian social enterprise dedicated to educating and mentoring young individuals who were raised in one of the numerous orphanages in Bulgaria. This organization works to create equal opportunities and help develop an independent lifestyle for children in Bulgaria as they age out of the orphanage system. Children receive personal and professional education to help them with social skills and job training, as well as access to internships, networking, and job opportunities that will greatly assist them as they leave the orphanage. See full article


Guatemala Cardamom Center


In the Polochic region of Guatemala where doTerra sources Cardamom essential oil, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation funded the construction of the Sika’abe Training Center. This center works to break the cycle of poverty 

by teaching skills such as construction, agriculture, and hospitality in courses that are government certified. Through classes and training, students in the programs are able to receive certification for these skills to help them as they enter the workforce, or even go back to their local communities to share the knowledge that they’ve learned. To create this education center, they partnered with CHOICE Humanitarian. Additional projects by this partnership in Guatemala have included providing vented stoves for individuals in need, working with Days for Girls to educate and distribute reusable feminine hygiene kits, installing a doctor at the medical clinic, building a drying facility, and much more. See full article

Co-Impact Sourcing is a responsible method for sourcing doTERRA essential oils, that benefits the growers,

and the buyers.

Co-Impact Sourcing. A True Win-Win!

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Haiti Vetiver Water Project


For those living in the area where doTERRA sources its Vetiver essential oil, community members (usually children) would walk for up to four hours to collect the water they used each day. With a desire to increase water accessibility, the Healing Hands Foundation began drilling for water. While the drilling went on, a truck delivered water to community members daily.

Two of the four wells drilled struck water and soon after, solar-powered pumps were installed. Not only does this community now have access to clean water, but the children are able to attend school instead of making the long walk to collect water! Student desks, teacher tables, and learning materials were also donated to the community’s school. See full article


Nepal Wintergreen Earthquake Relief


When the 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal in April 2015, doTERRAand our partner, CHOICE Humanitarian, were hard at work on a new Co-Impact Sourcing initiative for Wintergreen essential oil in Nepal. Thanks to already having a presence on the ground in the Lamjung and Dolakha Districts, support was immediately offered. Through a matching campaign between doTerra and donors, almost $636,000 was raised for relief. This donation funded emergency relief supplies for the immediate needs after the earthquake struck and provided tarps and tents for temporary shelters, classrooms, homes, and earthquake resistant permanent homes.


The Healing Hands Foundation has also helped rebuild distillation units in Nepal to stimulate the economy and has funded the rebuilding of an eight-classroom high school, a ten-classroom secondary school, and latrines. Additionally, they donated funds to a community school in Thame and doTerra essential oils were donated to a clinic in Baseri.

See full article

Somaliland Frankincense Project


Clan leaders in Uurwayne, Somaliland, where doTerra Frankincense essential oil is sourced, united with a goal to

provide education for their children. The Healing Hands Foundation was able assist in their educational efforts by

making a donation towards a school constructed for boys and girls, ages 7 through 12, that offers classes to older

children in the evening. Approximately 120 youth from 16 villages attend the school and it has been a great success. An additional four-classroom school was built to help 100 more students from four area’s clans have increased access to education. See full article