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With more than a half century of life experience and formal education, I'm a genuinely happy and healthy person with a balanced life, and the passion and experience to help others improve their health, naturally. I take a holistic approach to wellness coaching, believing that the entire body works as one and is capable of maintaining optimal health if given needed nutrients and protected from harmful toxins. I specialize in natural health solutions, including my passion, aromatherapy and therapeutic essential oils.

Essential Oils have changed my life... and trust me, I was a skeptic at first!

Normal Life Changes

This has not always been my situation. Eight years ago, I had a full life with a happy marriage and a high-level corporate job. My company had just relocated us 800 miles away to North Carolina. I was finishing my MBA, by flying back and forth to Massachusetts weekly for my final class, and I was helping my college-age kids transition to adulthood. It was a challenging time, but, manageable.


Shortly after we arrived in Charlotte, the recession hit. And like many others, I lost my job. I was exhausted from the move and all the traveling and suddenly found myself unemployed, living in an unfamiliar place, and dealing with an empty nest.

Unexpected Life Changes

It didn’t stop there! My previously healthy, active, athletic husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The doctors could only tell us it was a progressive, degenerative disease and that we could find more information about research on the Michael J. Fox website. We saw how symptomatic Fox was, even with all his treatments, and it scared us.

My husband was a physical wreck, and I was an emotional wreck! I was weak and worn out, cried multiple times every day and had little hope of ever being happy again.

A Mission Leads to a Passion

A problem solver by nature, I set out on a mission to find a way to improve our health and slow the progression of his disease. I began a personal journey that led from learning everything I could about Parkinson’s disease to developing

a deep and holistic understanding of health — and how all aspects of a person’s life are connected to their well-being.

I learned that our lifestyle choices combined with what we put in, and on, our bodies, directly influence our current and future health. These challenges inspired me to return to school to become a Certified Health Coach and help others.

At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I was trained in more than 100 dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Soon after, I discovered the many benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils and started loving what they were doing for me, my family and my clients.


Today, my focus is coaching; primarily women who are interested in weight loss, stress reduction and natural anti-aging. I enjoy teaching and empowering them to take control of their lives by learning to make healthier choices and introducing them to natural options, like essential oils. I am passionate about the many benefits they provide and I do a lot of educating about how to use them safely, both for people and animals.


I'm happy to share that my husband is doing very well. He has slowed the progression of his Parkinson’s disease, while improving his quality of life. He has lost 35 pounds, sleeps better, and is still able to do most of the things he loves, like playing tennis and a mean electric guitar!

Thank you for visiting my website. Because you only have one body… it’s so important to know what you're putting in and on it, and who you are getting your health information from. So, here's a chance to learn about me, specifically:

  • What I do

  • Who, and how, I can help

  • My personal story

  • Professional qualifications

  • Why people love working with me

What makes me unique is my education, experience and the many happy clients and Essential Oil users, whom I've been able to help. I have been studying natural health since my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 8 years ago, and now understand how the body really works, the things most people do that actually cause unwanted symptoms, and what can be done to prevent and reverse them.


People who work with me discover exactly what they need to eat and do, and how essential oils can be integrated into their lives and used safely to help them look and feel better. 


And, who isn’t happier when they look and feel great, right?

I’m Jennifer Tremblay and I make people happy!

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I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach (at Empowering Health) with a passion for empowering others to use natural alternatives to safely manage their health. I work primarily with women who have reached a “certain age” and are carrying around extra weight, stressed out and their energy levels and hormones just aren’t what they used to be. 


Those looking to lose that belly fat and brain fog, reduce their stress, and have enough energy to not only get through their day, but to be vibrant and enjoy doing the things they love.

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