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Everyone is talking about Essential Oils... and for good reason

Essentials Oils come from plants (either the leaves, the stems, the bark, or the roots) wherever they are to best help the plant survive and thrive.


They help protect the plants against predators and extreme temperatures and even help them continue to grow when they are damaged or their leaves are harvested. And when the oils are sophisticatedly harvested from a healthy plant, those wonderful properties can be transferred to humans.


You probably noticed that I specifically mentioned “sophisticatedly harvested” and “healthy plants” … this is why. Weak plants, like sick people, have compromised immune systems and little to share.


In fact, those grown outside of their natural habitat are less potent and offer fewer medicinal benefits. And, almost equally important, is how, and when, they are processed. Most plants are steam distilled with the exception of citrus fruits, where their oils are cold pressed from their rinds.


Essential oils have been used for thousands of years!


People are always asking me… why does everyone seem to be using essential oils these days, is it like a new fad? I get a kick out of this question, because they are the complete opposite of a new fad! They were mentioned in the bible hundreds of times and used throughout history from as far back as we know.

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