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Work From the Beach or the Mountains and Earn Money While You Sleep!

I always dreamed that I'd be able to work from the beach and earn money while I sleep. I often had this little fantasy when I had corporate jobs I didn't like, and was running myself ragged doing meaningless work, and making money for someone else!


But I'm happy to say that dreams can come true!!


Have you ever dreamed of:

  • Doing meaningful work you love?

  • From where you want?

  • When you want?

  • With whom you want?

  • With a minimal investment (just $35 to start!). AND… have all the money go to YOU? Both immediately and  

residual income later that allows you to continue to earn money, when you're ready to work less, or retire!

Lots of people earn a very nice living sharing doTERRA Essential Oils with others. And they will be the first to tell you, that there are several variables that will contribute to your success and income, in addition to the wonderful products and your personal effort ...


The strength and support of YOUR team

doTERRA oils practically sell themselves!

Our team has many wonderful,dedicated leaders who have figured out how to be successful and are always available to help. As for me, I am uniquely qualified to mentor and help coach you with both the health benefits (I’m a Certified Health Coach) as well as on the business side (I have my MBA in Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovative Practices, and spent many years in Marketing.)


We’ve already paved the way, figured out what works and what doesn't, and are happy to share what we've learned and give you all the support and encouragement you need, as you educate others about natural health solutions and/or financial freedom.


Be your own boss...flexibility, financial freedom, better health and life balance!  Sound good? 


If you want to know more about partnering with us and earning money while YOU sleep, contact me today.

Additional Benefits of Joining OUR Team

This business is for you if:

  • You're ready to shine! To take on a new challenge and grow and manage a successful, fun business

  • You really care about helping people live healthier and happier lives and wish to do work that aligns with your core values

  • You already have a wellness-related business (eg. spa, yoga studio, chiropractic or dental office, physical therapy or coaching practice),

  • You’re a mom who wants a flexible schedule to be available for your kids, and still earn income

  • You're changing careers, or retired, and want to supplement or replace your income

  • You’ve dedicated yourself to others and now it’s your turn to take on a challenge just for you

We'll Show You the Ropes and Guide You Each Step of the Way

This is your opportunity to grow your own business as an entrepreneur, using a duplicable model that has been shown to work.  Check out doTERRA's Living magazine and read about the MANY (and growing) regular people like us, who have been very successful. Or, since you're the boss, your can use your own ideas or some of team's collaborative approaches.


Do you really LOVE working with people?

Do you ENJOY sharing new health information?

Do you LIKE earning extra income?

Do you want to be YOUR OWN BOSS?

One of things I love best about my work is being part of a team. A close group of like-minded people who share and support each other. DoTERRA has the best compensation plan around and it's set up to encourage collaboration, which makes it not only lucrative, but fun!

Why a doTERRA Business?

  • Quality products you can be proud to represent

  • They practically sell themselves

  • $35 investment – that’s ALL

  • Loads of support and already created FREE marketing materials

  • On-going personal development and training available

  • Private Team Facebook groups for use and business support

  • 65% retention rate – triple the industry average

Camaraderie of a strong support team and new friends!



You can be an entrepreneur and run a successful business!

Green Bubble

We're in business

for ourselves,

but not by ourselves!

Everyone deserves to have purpose and vitality, and to be financially independent!

We'd love you to join our team...Click HERE and let's chat

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